Live chat and recorded interactive products are offered in over two dozen major languages. We  work with you to determine the most relevant portfolio of products and services for your individual markets. If your needs go beyond our readily available products and services we will gladly work with you and help developing your desired applications.

Our current collection of audiotext services include:

• Astrology & New Age
• Live chat & Party lines
• Dating and introductions
• Health & medical advice
• Music and entertainment
• PIN codes for premium content
• Radio and TV talent programs
• Romance
• Social medical advice
• Sports
• Sweepstakes, games and contests
• TV show call in
• Voting and polling

Let us know if you have a special product or service in mind. Our product specialists can work with you to produce just about any kind of application you may wish to offer.

We can offer you multiple options for your international premium rate numbers needs. This could help you widely expand the coverage of your services in additional markets in highly competitive rates. See our list of  termination countries and test numbers.